gypsy, swing, tango, folk
wild classical

Café Musique will take you on a world tour atop a magic carpet woven from vocals, violin, accordion, guitar and bass.  As you fly high above the musical horizon, prepare yourself for the sounds of gypsy mixed with folk music. You will fly higher and higher as you immerse yourself with the sounds of wild classical melded with tango impulses.  The musical lines are deliberately blurred and everything becomes a sound unique to this ensemble.


But be forewarned!  You might also be beguiled by a romantic ballad that will have you revisiting love long lost … or just discovered.  You might be seduced by a tango and swept away with a dance partner that would cause your mother to blush.  Or you might be swayed by a classical masterpiece rearranged in a manner you never could have imagined! 


Café Musique is from the central coast of California and has been drawing musical inspiration from performances ranging from living rooms to European cathedrals for over ten years.


Such is the magic of Café Musique.  When the journey is complete, you will be safely returned somewhat exhausted but richer for the experience.  The members of Café Musique are Brynn Albanese on violin and vocals, Duane Inglish on accordion, Fred Murray on bass and vocals, Craig Nuttycombe on guitar and vocals, and Eric Williams on guitars, ukulele, bouzouki, banjo and vocals.


Learn more about Café Musique here.

The band also performs in different configurations to match the nature of the performance and event. Click here for more information about the Cafe Musique duet and trios.