"Café Musique had me crying like a baby at their most recent performance. Between Brynn Albanese’s expressive violin and
Piper Heisig’s unadorned but emotionally stunning take on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” it was pretty hard to stem the
water works. Yet the band is also a hoot, joshing with the crowd, tearing it up with arrangements so full of unexpected
turns that I was in a sonic knot. "
--Glenn Starkey, Music Critic, New Times, San Luis Obispo

"The talent runs deep and the music plays hot, they had the staff of KPIG's live music show in the palm of their hands and the tips of their fingers. "
--Sleepy John Sandidge, Host of KPIG's "Please Stand By"

"Their sound is something like two scoops of gypsy folk with classical sauce and a sprinkling of chopped jazz. It's delicious, exotic and just overflowing with talent ... the group was phenomenal, alternating smoothly from fast and fun to serious and endearing, but it was the group's humor that really stole the show. "
-- Nick Powell, New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Café Musique's recent performance in Cambria was a musical kaleidoscope. Near the end (violinist) Brynn Albanese absolutely ignited the place with her version of "Czardas." Then she gently guided her audience back to earth with a lovely, soothing rendition of "Sunday River"."
--John Brannon, The Cambrian

"Whoa! Oh my God! Hell's bells! The debut album by Café Musique is wicked good! I seriously can't say enough good things about this album, which demonstrates a level of musicianship and an emotional impact rarely found."
--Glenn Starkey, Music Critic, New Times, San Luis Obispo

What can I say? You folks were phenom!!! and really great to work with! It is my sincere hope that we can have an ongoing relationship for many years to come; I will work toward that -- and it will be somewhat easy, since the audience just loves you!
-- Robert Ashens, Artistic Director, Opera San Luis Obispo

"Café Musique delighted our audiences. This accomplished group of musicians create a convivial atmosphere with their excellent music and entertaining stage presence. "
--Bobbi Todaro, Managing Director, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, Ca (May 18, 2009)

 "It was a terrific concert at the Ukulele Co. this past Saturday, a major pleasure discovering Café Musique and its superb musicians!. Boy am I glad I bought your album "The Dancer" with its exquisite music, wow, gotta spread the word !"
-- Michel Mike Kotski (a new fan) DaSilva Ukelele Factory Concert, Berkeley, Ca

 "You were fantastic, wonderful, phenomenal, suburb and extremely unique. I loved every single second of your show and will definitely be looking for you again in the very near future. Thank you for the most exhilarating evening I've had in a very long time. "
-- Marsha Houston (another new fan), Red Barn Music Series, Los Osos, Ca