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Blew the Doors Off!

I've so been looking forward to this show and you guys blew the doors off. This was an amazing performance. Thank you for providing such a wonderful evening of music and entertainment!

-- Brad Golden, Central Coast Live Radio, San Luis Obispo, Ca

Audience screamed for more

Café Musique gave one of the most dynamic and entertaining shows we've ever had in our venue. The audience rose to their feet and screamed for more, as did we. They will, most definitely, be back!

-- Peter Cutler & Deborah Hand-Cutler, Fiddlers Crossing, Tehachapi, Ca

Whoa! Oh my God! Hell's bells!

The debut album by Café Musique is wicked good! I seriously can't say enough good things about this album, which demonstrates a level of musicianship and an emotional impact rarely found." 

--Glenn Starkey, Music Critic, New Times, San Luis Obispo 

Begging for more

Café Musique, with the siren song of Brynn Albanese's violin leading the way, charms, seduces, and delightfully entertains their audience through a whirlwind of musical genres. The group dynamic is part of the fun, with a sassy, musical interplay between Duane Inglish on accordion and Brynn Albanese on violin. They offer range as well as depth, moving from exhilarating tango to the intense folk music of Eastern Europe to the truly lovely songwriting of guitarist Craig Nuttycombe. The audience was thoroughly thrilled, engaged and even after an encore, left begging for more.


-- Lisa Manning, Hidden Valley Music Series, Carmel Valley

The most excited audience

They never fail to ignite the audience! Probably the show that got the most excited audience response at Fiddling Cricket concerts last year!


-- Dick Brundle, Fiddling Cricket Music Series, Santa Cruz, Ca

Two scoops of Gypsy folk please

Their sound is something like two scoops of gypsy folk with classical sauce and a sprinkling of chopped jazz. It's delicious, exotic and just overflowing with talent ... the group was phenomenal, alternating smoothly from fast and fun to serious and endearing, but it was the group's humor that really stole the show. " 
 -- Nick Powell, New Times, San Luis Obispo



Café Musique had me crying like a baby at their most recent performance. Between Brynn Albanese’s expressive violin and Piper Heisig’s unadorned but emotionally stunning take on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” it was pretty hard to stem the water works. Yet the band is also a hoot, joshing with the crowd, tearing it up with arrangements so full of unexpected turns that I was in a sonic knot.


--Glenn Starkey, Music Critic, New Times, San Luis Obispo

Best Entertainment Ever!

The accolades keep coming in from our Peninsula Committee Los Angeles Philharmonic members and their guests - things like 'Best fundraiser entertainment ever', 'My husband never buys CD's but he bought one', 'No one fell asleep', 'Loved the happiness and joy the group brought to us', 'Will drive to Central California to see them again', 'Learned that the accordion can play almost any type of music'. 

And the praise for all of you was so very sincere! 

-- Lu Takeuchi, Jann Feldman and Cheryl Graue

    Peninsula Committee Los Angeles Philharmonic 

La Partida - Café Musique
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This ... is dangerous


This piece, "La Partida", is dangerous - it might inspire me to walk up to some lethal gangster's woman and ask her to dance, right in front of him. And then kiss her on the mouth, while he's watching. Splendid!


-- altiplano395 (Pandora user comment) 

Ignited the place


Café Musique's recent performance in Cambria was a musical kaleidoscope. Near the end (violinist) Brynn Albanese absolutely ignited the place with her version of "Czardas." Then she gently guided her audience back to earth with a lovely, soothing rendition of "Sunday River".

 --John Brannon, The Cambrian

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